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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tianshi Bangladesh Co. Ltd.

Welcome to the world of Tiens.
Founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan

Tianshi Group is a large-scale global enterprise with operations in over 190 countries and regions with a customer base over 10 million. Since 1992, Tianshi has maintained a continual, stable, and rapid growth. With an anchor business in advanced biotechnology, Tianshi is also involved in financing, real estate development, education, cultural exchanges, and modern logistics. Headquartered at the Henderson Center in Beijing, its production plants are located in the Wuqing New Technology Development Zone of Tianjin.

Tianshi Health Products is the first China based direct selling company that manufactures and distributes Traditional Chinese Health Products Internationally. With over 190 Regional offices throughout the world, Tianshi opened its doors in North America in 1999 and now has over 11,000 Independent Consultants.

We are a direct selling company that is based on advanced biotechnology devoted to developing health and wellness products and a culture for a healthy lifestyle. Our business opportunity is unique and trend setting in that it rewards successful Independent Consultants for personal sales and leadership. In North America, we support the opportunity by offering products such as: herbal supplements, personal, home, skin and body care.
Our Mission is to offer high quality products and services that provide the Keys to Health and Wealth for our family of customers in harmony with the highest international professional standards and ethical values.
Tianshi Group envisions a community knit together with the common goal of health, wealth and welfare for all of humanity, made possible through its network of valued resources – people, education, markets, the internet and capitalization.

Head Office in Dhaka, Bangladesh:
House # 41, Road # 24, Gulshan-1, Dhaka- 1212, Bangladesh.

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    The Direct selling or Multi Level Marketing (MLM) network business is always an ideal career provides lucrative home based business opportunity to the members which projects an opportunity towards financial freedom. It is an industry that can transform ordinary people into extra-ordinary people and everyone is going after any open opportunity hoping to realize their dream life.
    Network Marketers in Multi Level Marketing Company are independent distributors selling the company’s products. Usually, any MLM Business Members as a down line would contribute the earnings of their up line manager.
    But anyone before making decision to become a MLM network member he/she should know company’s background, performance and products. Is the MLM Pyramid scheme scam or cheating company? Is they practice ethical business trades? One must study the company’s operation and products thoroughly before venturing in any investment or business idea.

    Bangladesh is a heavily populated country with serious unemployment problem among the young educated youths. It has a plenty of opportunity for growth of MLM business in Bangladesh with the vision to create self-employment opportunities for millions of educated-unemployed youths of Bangladesh.
    As a part of our business expansion plan ,we have been planning to set up a products base new company under the law of Bangladesh for direct selling or Multi level marketing network dealing with its diversified product such as healthcare, skincare, personal care, cosmetic, household, Food and Beverage etc. It will ensure the product is hygiene, effective and high in quality standard and is under full control by the concerned Ministry.
    Our Vision is to creating a business model that enabled anyone to start their own business by selling functional products that reflect the company's core values of authenticity, simplicity, sensory pleasure, considering all levels of the environment. Our enter process and activities will be totally transparent to the people, investors and the government and bringing people together and giving everyone an equal opportunity to build success through promoting entrepreneurial spirit “UNITY FOR SUCCESS TOGETHER”
    Our proposed strategic partner: We have been negotiating with top 20 Malaysian Direct selling or MLM company to tie up with one of them to become as our strategic joint venture partner to explore MLM network marketing business opportunities in Bangladesh. Our proposed joint venture company will be set up under the law of Bangladesh and registered with Ministry of Commerce under Direct selling acts and regulations. It is an excellent news that Bangladesh government and Parliament considering to introduce new law and actively putting strict monitoring of the activities of the Multi Level Marketing companies in order to safeguard public interest.

    We have been looking for young, high ambitious, intelligent and dynamic leaders to join as a sponsor director for setting up a limited company for our proposed MLM business in Bangladesh. But before making your final decision it is essential for you to have an initial idea about the concept of Multi Level Marketing consider to putting any investment in such 'ventures': Multi-Level Marketing programs or MLM's,
    If you are interest and if you confident that you are the right person to become as sponsor director for our proposed limited company for MLM business in Bangladesh, kindly contact us with your proposal and CV :-

    Mohammad Khairul Anam
    Managing Director
    Wenshan Corporation sdn.bhd. (Co.No:540789-X)
    (A company for Export-import, general trading & foreign investment promoter)
    No.9, Jalan SS4C/5 Taman Rasa Sayang.
    47301, Petaling Jaya. ( Kuala Lumpur). Selangor,Malaysia.
    E-mail : wenshan22@yahoo.com


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