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Monday, October 17, 2011

Concept of Tiens Networking Business (Direct Selling): How to

Network marketing: What is it?

Network marketing is simply a method of providing goods and services to customers where the retail ‘middle man’ has been replaced with a network of independent distributors. These independent distributors use a product or service and for their own personal retail sales and for the volume of retail business generated by the people they train and lead in their network.
Network marketing is based on ‘word of mouth’ and any business that produces quality products recognizes the power of this form of production.

The money saved by not advertising and the usual margin given to a retailer gets distributed among the independent distributors.

The money saved by not advertising and the usual margin given to a retailer gets distributed among the independent distributors.

For nearly 50 years , network marketing has provided a perfect opportunity to people by helping them to be self employed to create additional income and gain better control of their lives. This innovative method of marketing has grown into a $ 100 billion industry that includes virtually every developed country of the world.
How Network marketing is for everyone and simple ?
 To understand how effective ‘word of mouth’ is ,think of the last time you purchased something …… clothes, jewellery, furniture or perhaps a car. You probably bought it because of the recommendation of someone close to you. Sometimes you recommend certain products in your circle of friends & relatives and they buy those products.

The fact is that every day we promote other people’s businesses without paid for it.In Tanishi, we’ve simply taken the word of mouth process and attached a reward to it a sale results.

So, by simply sharing the products and business benefits with your friends, You could generate an earning for yourself, which might become, a very substantial income.
Why Tianshi Chose Network Marketing?

Mr. Li jinyuan has always been passionate about sharing his success with as many others as possible. He recognized the potential of network marketing. Network marketing provides a number of benefits to manufacturers, distributors and marketers alike. These benefits include:
Product Presentation

Network marketing does a great job by bringing products and opportunities to market because it enlists thousands of great people in an enterprise in which they can directly and immediately benefit in direct proportion to the time they commit and the skills they develop. The person-to-person approach of network marketing has the potential to inform and educate all consumers in a way that mass advertising could never achieve. It gives the consumers a clear view of the products. Simply put, it is a more effective approach. 
Low Cost

With the cost of everything from mass advertising to “slotting fees” for “shelving and general merchandising” going through the ceiling. Its no wonder network marketing has become so attractive to manufacturers and marketers… and so lucrative to the independent distributors who are picking up the incomes that used to get paid other forms of distribution channels and advertising.  
Market Involvement

Since everyone’s interest are common, there is a better teamwork approach towards business.

In short it was a good decision

In the conventional model of business, there is a downside:

* There is the high start up investment just to open your doors.
* The failure rate is very high. Up to 90% of the small businesses fail in the first five years.
* There is a personal problem of cash flow and chasing money owed to you.
* Even if you get the money in, you pay yourself the minimum, as you need heavy reinvestments to sustain your business.
* Finally, you say goodbye to your personal life, because you have to work at your business round the clock- 365 days in a year.
But it doesn’t have to be like this.  
Advantages of Tianshi Business

As a member of the Tianshi family of distributors, the sky is the limit.

* Tianshi business is a global business.
* Evergreen health industry.
* Business of distribution.
* Innovative and time tested products.
* Minimal investment with virtually no risk.
* Flexible working hours.
* International Travel & Luxury awards.
* cummulative sales plan.
* Handsome retail profit and development of your contacts into independent distributors.
* Strong support system to help you succeed.
* No qualification or prior experience required. So anyone can do it.
* Tianshi is a personal way of doing business. You work with people you like to work.

Tianshi network marketing is the way to future.  


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